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Contrary to common belief, innovations and inventions are not automatically recognized as the intellectual property of its creator. If you have created something new and are looking to secure ownership, Luther Law provides patent services to assist with this oftentimes complicated process.

For an individual or an entity to secure ownership of their idea, it is critical to establish intellectual property as early on as they can. Information spreads rapidly in our digitalized world, which means that a third party could duplicate and monetize your idea before you can, and it is typically considered completely legal for them to do so.

An act signed in 2013 known as the America Invents Act, or the AIA, supports this “First-to-File” system of claiming ownership. If you do not file a patent for your idea first, then another party can claim and monetize it for themselves. To avoid a lengthy and typically unsuccessful dispute, it is imperative to file for a patent as soon as possible.

However, the process of applying for and securing a patent is almost always going to be confusing and difficult one if you are not a professional. There are typically multiple “hoops to jump” in order to file your patent, and there is absolutely no room for error. Even a slight mistake in the paperwork will leave you vulnerable to a future counterclaim that can take your innovation entirely. To ensure that things are done correctly, it’s best to consult a patent attorney to secure your intellectual property.

The Luther Law Firm is highly experienced in assisting clients secure their patents successfully and future-proofing them from third parties. This expertise in intellectual property, patents, and patent litigation can navigate these complicated fields for you. By working with me to file your patent, you will be able to monetize your idea while protecting it from a third party.

The constantly advancing technology of today poses another major challenge in securing your patent. There are many situations where two separate individuals create the same or a similar innovation, while others are creating minor changes on current patents. If a third party is attempting to register something similar or already has the patent, then you are looking at a lengthy and difficult legal battle. I have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of these disputes and can fight for your ownership claims.

Some legal entities may look over seemingly insignificant technical aspects in securing their client’s patent and this often leads to repercussions later on. Luther Law does things thoroughly, and you will not have to experience any such issues. Your specific situation will be thoroughly evaluated and you’ll be advised the actions and strategies that are in your best interest.

You may not be so well-versed with all of the complexities of the legal world. Luther Law will ensure that you understand the full spectrum of your situation so that we can work with complete transparency, and so that you’ll be able to provide your input in every aspect of the proceedings.

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